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All Fuku Works Products come with a 1 year limited warranty starting from the date of purchase (non-transferable). All silicone hose products comes with a 5 year warranty
Physical damage, improper installation, and alternating the product will void all warranties. In no event will Fuku Works Inc. be liable for anything over the original purchase price of the product. In no event will Fuku Works Inc. be responsible for any labor charges.  Fuku Works, Inc. shall not be responsible for damages to its product or injury to persons using the product when caused by improper opening of radiator pressure caps, burst hoses, etc. After 30 days shipping is not covered under warranty and becomes the responsibility of the customer.
The original shipping and handling charges are not refundable. 
 Please mail your package in a prepaid, traceable method to the address on our contact page.  Be sure to include your full contact info including your phone # with anything you send us.